Simplify the Toughest
DevOps Adoption Challenges

Save Time to Learn

Our innovative platform streamlines learning, particularly in DevOps, with easy-to-use features for individuals and organizations

Save Time to Adopt

IntegraCI is a robust DevOps solution that simplifies and automates software development, enabling agile DevOps adoption

Save Time to Mature

Cutting-edge DevOps platform that streamlines complex workflows, promotes collaboration, and enhances visibility, so that empowers organizations to mature their DevOps practices and save valuable time

Look the Different

How IntegraCI Works

Integrate your app from source code management

IntegraCI integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and other self-hosted or cloud-based Git repositories

Start your build journey

Start build container based application, support for any programming language

Get insight from automation testing

Assure the quality of your apps with automated testing. Run unit tests or test your apps on simulators, emulators or real devices as part of your continuous integration and delivery pipeline

Let me give you notify and feedback

Set up build notifications for fast feedback on your builds. Debugging is easy thanks to clear logs and remote access to the build machine. IntegraCI provides integration to workspaces like Slack

Just wait for the automate deployment - delivery

IntegraCI will automatically deploy the apps into container orchestrator you have. On cloud or on-premises we support it. Release the apps with IntegraCI easily & fast

Unlock the Power of Our Platform

Enabling the DevOps Adoption Journey for your Organization

Containerize the Apps

Migrate the VM Based into Container Based deployment

Container Orchestrator Implementation

Adopt the container orchestration like Kubernetes or Openshift

Streamlines your software development and deployment process. With IntegraCI, you can easily enabling the automation of CI, CD, GitOps, DevSecOps, Observability, Test, and many more capability. Saving your time and reducing errors with our DevOps Platform.

Get More Benefits with Our Platform

Enabling DevOps as a Culture for Your Team

We developed based on the experience of professional DevOps Consultants in various industries. This will help your company to adopt DevOps more quickly

Team Transformation with Self Service Readiness Platform

Our platform is very flexible to use. By using UI and Script Based which are fully integrated with the Git Repository. So you will be very familiar

Seamless Integration with any DevOps Toolchain

You don't need to learn about tools integration, just fulfill in our platform

Get Insight, Become More Productive, and Focus On The Main Business

Don't worry about scripting or configuring the tools, we can support it. Just focus on software development for your main business

Saving The Budget for Resource Spending

You don't need to hire more dedicated Software Delivery Engineer to setup, configure, operate, and maintenance DevOps Platform. You only need to subscribe our platform, all in place

Who love our CI/CD Platform


Emilia Clarke
"The communication process between companies is good and the solutions provided are appropriate in overcoming problems. I appreciate Divistant including everyone who has provided assistance, solutions, and problem solving for every obstacle faced during the CI/CD project to make this CI/CD project a success."
Naldo Steven Sirait
Information Technology Infrastructure Officer, BP Tapera
Emilia Clarke
"We discussed many things and shared to improve issues or problems regarding CICD, Kubernetes version upgrade, and migration from public to local Kubernetes server. Awesome teamwork for Divistant engineers.."
Andi Permana
IT Infrastruktur, BP Tapera