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Multicloud Deployment

Deploy safely to any cloud of choice, build in fail-safe strategies to ensure smooth rollbacks. You can integrated the on-prem or cloud based kubernetes cluster easily

DevSecOps Practices

We offers a wide range of features to support DevSecOps practices. DevSecOps is the practice of integrating security considerations and testing into the software development process


Integrate to any tools to support your software delivery and deployment pipeline with easy to setup and more fast to deliver. The goal of CI/CD is to automate the software delivery process, reduce errors, and increase the speed of delivering new features and bug fixes to customers


Remove complexity to deploy the apps into kubernetes, more velocity and transparent. GitOps using Git as a central repository to store the desired state of the system, and using automation tools to ensure that the live infrastructure matches the state defined in Git. This approach allows for easy collaboration, versioning and rollback of changes, and allows for the entire process to be auditable and easily repeatable.

Deployment Strategy

Deploy applications without hesitation with various deployment strategies such as canary, blue/green, a/b testing, etc. These strategies help ensure that there is minimal disruption to the service during updates and that the new version of the application can be tested before it is made available to all users


Get app resource usage metrics along with logging checks in one place. Easy for teams to monitor and troubleshoot their entire application stack, regardless of the number of services, or the number of different applications that it comprises

DORA Metrics

Measure your success with DevOps Metrics from DORA (DevOps Research and Assessment) metrics to help you what’s need to improve

Automation Test

Integrate the automation test use case easily, from code review, performance, security, until functional test. We also offers a wide range of automation testing features to help teams improve the quality and speed of their software delivery process.


Manually rollout to a previousely deployed image if necessary with the same or changing the configuration