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IntegraCI Container Orchestration Services is your one-stop solution for managing and scaling your containerized applications, offering seamless integration with popular container orchestrators such as Kubernetes and OpenShift. We provide comprehensive services tailored to your needs, whether you prefer on-premise deployments or cloud platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.

Feature and Advantages

Before deciding to adopt IntegraCI as your DevOps Platform, explore the features and advantages of our container orchestration services, and choose the right orchestrator and deployment option for your needs

Choose between Kubernetes and OpenShift as your container orchestrator, depending on your requirements and preferences, with expert guidance from our team.

Deploy your containerized applications on your preferred cloud platform (GCP, AWS, Azure, or Alibaba Cloud) or on-premise infrastructure, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Manage the entire lifecycle of your containerized applications, including deployment, scaling, updates, and monitoring, with ease using our orchestration services.

Ensure your applications are highly available and can scale seamlessly to handle fluctuations in demand, providing a consistent and reliable user experience.

Automate application deployments and rollbacks, reducing the risk of human error and enabling faster release cycles.

Gain insights into your applications’ performance and health using advanced monitoring and logging tools integrated with your chosen container orchestrator.

Receive expert support and training from our team, helping you make the most of your chosen container orchestrator and ensuring smooth operation and management of your containerized applications.


Designed to help companies achieve a smooth and seamless transition to a container environment while optimizing performance, security, and workflow


A widely-adopted container orchestration platform that automates deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes is suitable for organizations looking for a flexible, community-driven solution.


A Kubernetes-based platform with additional enterprise-grade features, such as built-in CI/CD, enhanced security, and a more streamlined developer experience. OpenShift is ideal for organizations seeking a more comprehensive and fully-supported solution.

Cloud Deployment

Deploy your containerized applications on major cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud, to leverage their extensive infrastructure and managed services.

On-Premise Deployment

For organizations with specific security or compliance requirements, our container orchestration services support on-premise deployments, allowing you to maintain full control over your infrastructure.

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