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IntegraCI Containerization Services is a leading solution to assist you in the creation or migration of your applications to container technology. We provide professional services designed to simplify and optimize the development, testing, and deployment of applications using containers.

Feature and Advantages

Before deciding to adopt IntegraCI as your DevOps Platform, here are some features, advantages, and deliverables you can enjoy using our container creation or migration services:


By leveraging container technology, you can significantly reduce infrastructure and operational costs compared to traditional VMs, enabling you to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on core business functions

Highly Portable

Containers provide consistent and predictable environments, which makes it easy to move applications across different environments and platforms, increasing flexibility and reducing deployment issues

Faster Time-to-Market

Containerization streamlines the development and deployment process, allowing your team to release new features and updates more quickly and stay ahead of the competition

Enhanced Security

Containers offer a greater level of isolation and can be configured with fine-grained security policies, reducing the attack surface and minimizing potential security threats


Designed to help companies achieve a smooth and seamless transition to a container environment while optimizing performance, security, and workflow

Customized Containerization Strategy

Our team of experts will develop a tailor-made containerization strategy to meet your specific requirements, objectives, and business goals

Detailed Migration Plan

For application migration projects, we provide a comprehensive migration plan outlining the steps, timelines, and resources needed to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Container Images and Configuration

You will receive container images and configuration files for your applications, optimized for performance and security, and ready for deployment in your container environment.

Integration Documentation

We will provide detailed documentation on integrating the containerized applications with your existing CI/CD pipelines and other DevOps tools, enabling a seamless workflow.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Our services include ongoing performance monitoring and regular reports to help you keep track of your containerized applications' performance and identify areas for improvement.

Post-Migration Support

To ensure your success, we offer post-migration support and assistance in addressing any issues that may arise after the migration process, as well as guidance on best practices for container management and optimization.

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